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Pediatric Digital X-Rays in Vancouver, WA

By remaining updated on the latest advances in dentistry, DELUNA KIDS DENTAL provides exceptional care for each and every patient. X-ray imaging is an incredibly important aspect of dentistry that allows us to identify the true condition of teeth and gums.

We offer innovative pediatric digital x-rays in Vancouver, WA, to deliver accurate diagnoses and effective treatments on a daily basis. This digital technology is typically considered safer than traditional X-ray machinery, which makes it perfect for our unique office. The care, comfort, and health of young patients remain our top priorities, and we are proud to offer such a safe alternative as a part of our dental services.

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The Benefits of Detailed Kid’s Digital X-Rays

Don't risk the state of your child's teeth and gums by entrusting a dentist with an outdated approach. Instead, trust our team that remains updated on the leading techniques and tools in dentistry. Kid's digital X-rays are just one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition. The digital imaging process utilizes less radiation than regular X-rays, making it perfect for the pediatric field.

Instead of using traditional photographic film, digital X-rays involve digital sensors that are used to capture details of different oral structures. From the tooth root, to the surrounding jaw, and even the entire skull, we use digital X-rays to hone in on specific areas of concern. An added benefit of digital X-ray technology is that we gain immediate image previewing and availability once the picture is taken. This eliminates the cost of film, and the time associated with the processing.

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The dental experts we employ offer digital X-rays in order to deliver exceptional dental care for each and every patient. Whether your child is in need of cleanings or is suffering from a damaged tooth, digital imaging provides us with the information we need to handle the situation properly. The following are the types children's digital X-rays performed at our office:

  • Intraoral X-Rays—These X-rays are the most common taken at our office. They allow us to identify cavities, check the condition of developing teeth, and determine the health of surrounding bone.
  • Extraoral X-Rays—These X-rays show the teeth, but primarily focus on the jaw and skull. The detail of individual teeth cannot be seen with these images, but they can be used to monitor the growth of the jaw in relation to teeth, as well as identify any problems between the teeth and jaws.

If your child is in need of digital X-rays, consult the office of DELUNA KIDS DENTAL. Contact us and schedule an appointment. We deliver advanced imaging for the residents of Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, and Yacolt, Washington, as well as Portland, Oregon.