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Holistic Dentist in Vancouver, WA

Bring your children to our dental practice for a natural approach to dentistry. While there are benefits to providing dentistry the conventional way, many parents are now choosing holistic dentistry for their children. As a parent, it’s your right and responsibility to make this decision in the best interests of your child. Our holistic dentist in Vancouver, WA, specializes in treating your children’s teeth and gums, but he believes what impacts one part of the body impacts the body as a whole.   

As a holistic dentist, Dr. De Luna looks at your child as a whole—not just a set of teeth and gums. What’s happening in your child’s mouth may begin with a health issue elsewhere, for instance, an infection or illness, or even what he or she is eating, especially when it comes to sugary snacks and drinks. So, the first part of providing a solution for any problem is to identify the cause. Once that’s established, our dentist recommends natural treatments that deal with the cause and encourage the body to heal itself.

Avoiding Metal, Mercury, & Fluoride

One concern many of our patients’ parents have is with the materials used in restorations—fillings and crowns. They don’t want metal, unnatural, or potentially harmful materials, such as metal mercury fillings, placed in their kids’ mouths. As a biological dentist, Dr. De Luna can provide biocompatibility testing to ensure dental materials are safe for your youngsters.

This brings us to the subject of fluoride. Traditionally, fluoride is regarded as a rinse that prevents cavities, which cause big problems in little mouths. For those parents who object to using these rinses for your children, our fluoride-free dentist works with you to achieve the same goals.

Prevention and education go a long way toward thwarting almost any dental problem. One way to combat dental issues is to ensure your child follows proper nutritional guidelines as healthy food and plenty of water keep teeth healthy and strong. Schedule an appointment with our holistic dentist today to discuss your child’s dental needs.


Pediatric Dentist Offering You Choices

In addition to holistic dentistry, Dr. Ren De Luna provides your child with traditional treatment options. He has traditional professional training, graduating with a doctorate in dental medicine from Boston University and completing a certificate for advanced study in his area of specialty—pediatric dentistry. However, he stays ahead of the curve by taking continuing education courses each and every year and offering natural dentistry care. He does this to give you choices in your children’s dental care. Call us to schedule a visit with our natural dentist.

Contact us today for a holistic approach to pediatric dentistry. We proudly serve patients from Vancouver, Battle Ground, and Camas, Washington, and all surrounding communities.