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Kid’s Dental Sealants in Vancouver, WA

Keep every aspect of your child's smile healthy by investing in kid's dental sealants. Since brushing and flossing isn't always enough to protect the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, we provide effective and affordable dental options for you.

In Vancouver, WA, DELUNA KIDS DENTAL offers protective sealants for patients at risk of developing cavities, infection, and other dental problems. Not only do we take the time to educate children about proper hygiene habits, but we also provide services that help establish long-lasting wellness. Ensure your kids remain protected against dental problems by consulting the dental experts from our local practice.

Choose Children’s Dental Sealants

Don't allow harmful bacteria to settle in the small cracks and grooves of your kid's teeth. Developing decay is a serious risk for each and every child. We typically recommend children's dental sealants for permanent molars and premolars as soon as they grow in.

With proper sealants in place, you can rest easy knowing your child is protected through the cavity-prone ages between 6 and 14. In some cases, sealants may even be appropriate for baby teeth in order to prevent them from being lost too early.

Experienced Dental Sealant Dentist

The dental sealant dentist on staff at our office is specially trained in the sealing process. This allows him to perform every step of the procedure both swiftly and skillfully. The following are the steps involved in the typical sealant procedure:

Child With Healthy Teeth in Vancouver, WA
  • Prior to sealing, the affected teeth are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Each tooth is then dried and covered with an absorbent material to keep it dry.
  • An acid solution is applied to the chewing surfaces to roughen them up and help the sealant bond to the teeth.
  • The teeth are rinsed and then dried again.
  • The sealant is painted onto the tooth enamel, and as it bonds to the teeth, it hardens.

Schedule a Consultation for Pediatric Dental Sealants

There's no better time than now to discover if your child is a candidate for protective sealants. We perform thorough exams in order to determine the condition of our patients' teeth. If necessary, our dentist may even perform digital X-rays in order to get a clearer image of certain tooth structures.

Depending on the results of our efforts, we may recommend pediatric dental sealants. The majority of the children and teenagers we encounter prove to be ideal candidates. Sedation dentistry is even available during the sealant procedure to guarantee young patients remain calm and relaxed.

DELUNA KIDS DENTAL is proud to serve Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, and Yacolt, Washington, as well as Portland, Oregon. Contact us to learn more about the dental sealants available for children and adolescents.