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Pediatric Sedation Dentist in Vancouver, WA

Take the fear out of your child's dental visit. If you want to ensure your child has a calm and relaxing experience while undergoing necessary dental work, then look to the experts at DELUNA KIDS DENTAL. The latest advances in dentistry mean that the youngest of patients have nothing to fear during necessary procedures and treatments.

Our pediatric sedation dentist in Vancouver, WA, recognizes that the way a child feels about routine dental appointments often shapes the way they continue to think about dental work far into the future. You can rest easy knowing your kids always receive completely pain-free care whenever they visit our office. By using special sedation methods to encourage total patient relaxation, we have found that the children we serve continue to look forward to their bi-annual appointments, even into adolescence.

Kid’s Sedation Dentist with More Than Nine Years’ Experience

Don't let fear and anxiety keep your children from getting the professional dental care they deserve. Your children have nothing to worry about as patients of our experienced kid's sedation dentist. With more than nine years in the pediatric field, our dentist remains committed to delivering services backed by the most advanced techniques and tools, such as sedation dentistry.

From routine cleanings to cavity fillings, sedation can be used to keep nervous kid calm through entire appointments. We take the time to ensure your child is a candidate for sedation dentistry before recommending it. Once our sedation dentist for kids has determined that it is 100% safe, we begin discussing the sedation options available.

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Learn More from Our Children’s Sedation Dentist

The concerns, comfort, and needs of children remain the first priorities of our dental practice. Our children's sedation dentist recognizes that no two patients are alike. What may be a wise choice for one kid may not prove to be the best option for another. Our team goes above and beyond to determine the type of sedation that is both safe and effective for every child. The following are the leading forms of sedation utilized on a daily basis by our team:

  • Mild Sedation—Anxiolysis, Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Sedation is the lightest type of sedation used in dentistry. It is perfect for patients suffering from mild anxiety, as well as more complex situations. While your child will remain awake during their treatment, they experience a great sense of relaxation while feeling extremely sleepy.
  • General Anesthesia—Anesthesia keeps patients asleep for the duration of the procedure. We keep a dental anesthesiologist on staff who is trained in safely administering this sedation to young patients.

DELUNA KIDS DENTAL is committed to ensuring dental care that is both pain-free and worry-free. Contact us if you think your child may benefit from the special sedation services we offer. Our office serves Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, and Yacolt, Washington, as well as Portland, Oregon.